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Lilic roses to brighten my day


Whew this has been an up and down day, productive in terms of getting the design brief approved and getting work done, new dishwashing powder didn’t foam up my whole kitchen which is fantastic but less positive in the repeated way I have been treated and under valued as a customer by Renault Melrose (Johannesburg).

But my energy has been re-stored, listening to Bruce Springsteen while I do stock take for Nature’s Cycle. The Boss is sure to make everyone feel positive again! I will continue to work smart then will go off for a run this evenings. What a beautiful city in which I live.

Look at these gorgeous lilic roses I bought last night from a street side flower seller on the way back from pottery.

Personally I do prefer growing plants to cut plants but  I was worried that he would lose money if he hadn’t sold them by the end of the day. I know he needs the money and can benefit from it.

I am also glad to see someone trying to sell items particularly beautiful flowers rather than just begging. You never know he might have a genuine interest in flowers and in a few years open a florist. 

I gave four of the roses to my mom and gave four more to the security guards to the entrance to the boomed entrance at my road. I hope it can brighten their  day as well or for them to be able to give it to their wives/girlfriends and in turn spread the joy. 

Here are the roses I kept for myself in a glass vase to brighten my desk – note the photo was taken of the vase on the floor, that isn’t my desk! 

In South Africa we are very lucky to be exposed to entrepreneurs, artists, budding businessmen and crafters on many street corners. Some of the wire work sold at the traffic lights is magnificent. The wire proteas that are sold are beautiful. 

– Speurder Linda



Proteas for a bright beautiful Tuesday


I love these king proteas! Proteas are one of my favourite flowers, they are natural, striking and South African. 

They caught my eye yesterday at Vovo Telo, Woodland in Pretoria along with the funky vase when eating lunch there.I have made a mental note to make my own interpretation of that vase in pottery class. The pasta dish and fruit juice I ordered were delicious. It seemed much better than Woolworths cafe. The decor at Vovo Telo is also quite quirky.

I have been slacking again with my blogging but I will be back and with more frequency this year. I have many blog posts which I need to type up or consolidate and post.

This is going to be a year of change and growth. I just know it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. 

What beautiful items have you spotted around you? 

Till next time.. Speuder Linda.