Hanging shoe holder transformed into a plant holder


Good evening!

I unintentionally left my phone at home this afternoon when packing up to spend the weekend at the noisy guitarist guy from my room’s house this weekend and I am feeling phone separation! I am sure it will be very good for me to be away from my iphone for three days/three nights. My car is also in for repairs, indefinitely.

Another good reminder to myself to focus upon the positive aspects in life and not the negative as well as that most of the world’s population have never seen an iphone before so I really shouldn’t be moaning and be grateful for all the small beauties.

Just returned from a good dinner out at Mimmos Faerie Glen, first time I have been to a ‘family’ restaurant in years.

Tomorrow morning (early!) we are each doing a running race. I had intended to enter the 10 km race but have had to end up doing the 5 km while the noisy guitarist does a 21 km race.

I came across this link and image of a ‘shoe hanger garden’ on a friend of mine’s Facebook page, I think it is fantastic.

Clever shoe holder for plants

What a clever use of shoe hanger to transfer it into a hanging garden, particularly useful for someone like me who doesn’t have much garden space. I can just image how easily it is to grow herbs and succulents in it without needing ‘garden’ space and still keeping the plants accessible and contributing CO2. I have yet to make one myself, I would hope the shoe organiser doesn’t rot, that would be my only concern.

I did a quick google search and came across this link with more information and photos on a hanging shoe holder garden. Take a look here and peruse the brilliant Green Up Grader website. I am going to explore the site further over the weekend.

I love how most items can have a multitude of uses if you just look at them differently to create a new use for them. When thinking ‘I don’t have space for a herb garden’ think of what you do have around the house.

In my next blog post  (watch out it will be sooner than you think, I can assure you!) I will  post pictures of another way to create a very cheap space saving herb tins to go on your window sill which I made during the December holidays. I am quite chuffed with it.

I look forward to sharing more ideas I have come across on using items differently to their intended purpose particularly items which would normally be discarded as waste and I welcome any other ideas you have.

Now it is off to bed and I leave you with a quiz. I came across the link to the introvert/extrovert quiz on the How About Orange Facebook page with a link to their blog then to the quiz on the TIME magazine website which has a series of simple questions cumulating in their conclusion on whether you are an extrovert or introvert or how far you fall on the introversion spectrum.

Here is the link to complete the quiz yourself.

When I was a child I thought I was definately an introvert, often described by others as ‘little mouse’ as I didn’t talk much at all and I considered myself ‘painfully shy’ at times but as I got older I thought I could perhaps be an extrovert yet the recently I have realised that I have many traits characteristic to introverts and am certain I am one.

The Time magazine online quiz proved me correct as it concluded I am an introvert.

This statement resonated with me: “I feel drained after being out and about, even if I’ve enjoyed myself.”


Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you find joy and take advantage of every moment!

Speurder Linda.


Proteas for a bright beautiful Tuesday


I love these king proteas! Proteas are one of my favourite flowers, they are natural, striking and South African. 

They caught my eye yesterday at Vovo Telo, Woodland in Pretoria along with the funky vase when eating lunch there.I have made a mental note to make my own interpretation of that vase in pottery class. The pasta dish and fruit juice I ordered were delicious. It seemed much better than Woolworths cafe. The decor at Vovo Telo is also quite quirky.

I have been slacking again with my blogging but I will be back and with more frequency this year. I have many blog posts which I need to type up or consolidate and post.

This is going to be a year of change and growth. I just know it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. 

What beautiful items have you spotted around you? 

Till next time.. Speuder Linda.

Summer searching


Speurder Linda has been searching for this bikini:

This bikini would suit me perfectly!

It is a Seafolly bikini which I had seen in the beach spread in the November edition of the SA Good Housekeeping magazine, I instantly liked it and knew it would look perfect on me. I was determined already then to get the bikini but it did slip further back in my mind as I thought December, summer and times when I would use it was weeks into the future with there being plenty of time to buy it before the holiays.

The magazine listed  Stuttafords as a stockist consequently I thought I could easily pick up the bikini from there in December closer to the time of going away. The South African importer of Seafolly wasn’t has helpful as I would have liked, perhaps she didn’t understand how fixated I was on buying one of their costumes. Finally after a few calls and even more emails to the importer which is located in Cape Town I was able to obtain the product codes for it and a selected list of stockists nearby in Jo’burg. With that information in hand I kick started my hunt for the bikini!

I was very lucky to find it at the first of four shops on the stockist, it was an inconspicuous shop in Rivonia. I actually walked right past it a few times before realising that this must be the shop on my list. I can’t even remember the name of the shop now, I think it is ‘AZ U R’.

I immediately spotted the bikini from the magazine but also tried on eight other bikinis in case I found anything else that fitted better and to be certain that this was this really was the right bikini. Unsurprisingly the Seafolly bikini I had been searching for fitted perfectly, it really did. I loved the colours, the fit is ideal and suits my figure.

Then the catch as there had to be…the gorgeous Seafolly swimming costume was R1300 with a 25% discount which results in it being just under R1000.00.I checked other stockists and even other Seafolly bikinis but the price seems to be similar for all Seafolly bikinis.

It seems so much to spend on a bikini when living in a third world country with extreme poverty, R1000 on an item of clothing really is excessive, many people don’t even receive see that amount per month not to mention that it is a large amount of money in these tough economic times.

R1000 had seemed quite steep for me considering I don’t live at the coast so only use a bikini a few times a year. But considerations for me when buying a bikini are obviously how comfortable it is, since I swim a lot in the sea as well as far out into the water when at the coast it need to be remain on my body and be supportive of my ‘ample assets’ with string bikinis and most bikinis not being sufficiently supportive.

I was hesitant to spend R1000 on a bikini consequently I then searched for other bikinis even trying full costumes. I searched and searched! Unsuccessfully. I couldn’t find a bikini that fitted as well. I tortured myself to try on the Seafolly bikini twice more to be doubly sure that it really did fit me.

By the time of my leaving Jo’burg to go away on holiday I still hadn’t found a bikini that fitted as well for less than R1000.00.

I finally settled for a black one piece from Woolworths for R299.00-despite my strong resolve to boycott Woolworths – but what a disaster it has been with the top part of the costume falling off completely when I swim leaving me exposed or the straps fall off and aren’t adjustable.

I certainly won’t be able to swim into the deep water in the sea with this costume! I can’t even swim in a swimming pool in it. It is a very impractical design. It must’ve been designed for those women who only lie on the beach and never swim or walk around. I can’t imagine being on the beach or at a pool and not swimming.

What a disappointment! 

It seemed like cost does equate to quality as there is far more support and better materials were used in the Seafolly costume compared to the Woolworths one piece.

Now I am regretting not having bought the Seafolly costume. As my one friend said, if it is good enough quality to last a few years and fits well then take it, look after it and save yourself the search next year as well as the following year.

December  has flown by and I am still starring longingly at this costume in the magazine. Just imagine how stunning I would look in it and how it would be perfect for me although I am still feeling in two minds when I stop to snap out of my unrealistic dreamy notions.

Reflections on a week


Gosh has it really been six weeks since my first/last blog post?

I am constantly intending to regularly post blog updates…if only I could type and post blog updates as quickly as a think and talk!  I would then be spewing out  a new blog post every day or with more regularity. I am a bit reluctant to use a talk – converted to type application as I’m concerned with the potential for error and in all honesty as informal as this blog is, I would like to be sitting in front of my screen typing and checking it – at least initially!

But I suspect it is also a case of my needing to find a routine of writing blog posts & actually posting them rather than saving the the drafts, ideas or images on a folder on my macbook with every intention to make the posts live but not actualizing it. It will have to be quality over quantity.

Some of the ‘draft’ posts now seem redundant and I now have a whole list of other exciting news and ideas with which to share. I have a feeling that this blog will also incorporate other topics as it develops from the original ideas and intentions I originally conceptualized.

Not to worry it will all still fit with the theme of ‘privaart speurder Linda’. This ‘first’/returning blog post is more personal than originally intended with the forthcoming blog posts I have scheduled being more light hearted, practical and creative.

This year has flown by, I can’t believe we are only a few weeks away from Christmas. It is funny how the perception and anticipation for Christmas changes as the years pass, at least it has for me. More on that in forthcoming blog posts…

It has a been a week of contrasts – isn’t every week like that? – with a good friend’s funeral on Thursday morning being a low point amongst moments of small and large joy and positive experiences that has made me appreciate the days and learn from each moment.

When driving back from Huyser’s funeral I thought how personal the death of a friend is in that it resonates with each of us (the friends or those who encountered the person) on a personal level with each person/friend usually having a different recollection or stand out memory of the friend. Each friend has been touched by the recently deceased friend (deceased sounds very impersonal, any other suggestions of words?!) in their own way. Some people have an impact without even realising.

I like so many others around the world was saddened by Steve Jobs’ passing but it felt like a more universal ‘sadness’ than the raw emotion and loss of a friend.

I hadn’t seen Huyser as often or had as deeper connection as many of his other friends had but he had been there for me on quite a few occasions when I needed a friend and we had shared fun experiences at gigs, clubs and restaurants. He was a gentle, kind, talented person – always ready to laugh. I’ll miss you Huyser.

I was reminded yet again to appreciate the moments we have with those we chose to spend time as those times are precious, not always available and there is so much to gain from each interaction and everyone with whom we interact. Anything could happy at anytime as morbid as it does sound.

There were also a great many other very positive joys and happy experiences throughout this week which I treasured and learnt from or enjoyed from morning runs, planting peppermint, taking home a new ceramic creation, making tacos, cooking a new pasta dish, clearing clutter to energise myself, learning about the Earth Boxes on tv, relaxing watching football, talking with friends both in SA and in UK, buying fresh flowers to display in my new vase, seeing a praying mantis up close in my own room, yoga class, sleeping in, learning about childhood development which is unbelievably fascinating, sending a parcel off to my friend in Lydenburg, bought a gift that continues giving as a Christmas gift, fresh guava Sir Juice fruit juice, grapefruits for breakfast which is a real treat and so many many more highlights!

Goodness what a fantastic week! 

Last night was a night of trying out a new restaurant and going to the market theatre where we saw ‘Girl in the Yellow Dress’ in which the delightful curly haired Kate Liquorish acted as it was a two man/woman play.

I had heard about District Six eatery through friends who had enjoyed it as well as having come across it myself through restaurant reviews and searches online as I am always on the prowl for new exciting and different restaurants to try.

Unfortunately dinner was a bit rushed due to having to be at the theatre at eight pm, District Six Eatery isn’t a restaurant for quick bite to eat before the theatre, we will be returning for a more leisurely meal. The waitress, Melissa kindly packaged our dessert and the remainder of my main course as take aways.

The meal and overall dinner experience was a real treat (thank you noisy curly haired guy in my house for dinner) with delicious food, authentic decor, warm friendly service and a take on the unique suburb of District Six.

It certainly was one of the highlights of my week. I highly recommend District Six Eatery with the footnote of ‘don’t even think of rushing your meal, take your time! at this neighbourhood establishment.

Just the mention of District Six reminds me of the enjoyable years I spent while living in Cape Town, the interesting people a met while there, the suburb of District Six/Zonnebloom, Cape Malay food, quickly learning the difference between Malays & coloureds after moving to Cape Town  and of course the fascinating District Six museum.

The theatre production of ‘Girl in the Yellow Dress’ is fantastic, I do recommend it but you will have to hurry as today is the last show after a twelve week run. Rush Rush book for the last show!

There are sure to be more excellent plays on there in the near future. Personally I usually prefer plays to musicals, the intimate layout of the Market Theatre’s laager theatre was well suited to Girl in the Yellow Dress. The proximity of the seats to the stage made for some awkward moments!

Speurder Linda recommends:

  • The Market Theatre, keep an eye on their website for upcoming plays.

  • The brilliant actress Kate Liquorish. I’m not sure what she is next acting in but follow her and her food blog on Twitter.

  • District Six Eatery – Corner Greenhills and Barry Hertzog Road, Emmarentia. Tel: 011 486 7226 Booking is essential

  • District Six museum, Cape Town.

  • Biesmiellah restaurant, Bo Kaap  Cape Town for authentic Cape Malay food. Tel:  021 423 0850

    Speurder Linda at District Six Eatery

Photo by the noisy curly haired guy in my house.

Long weekend away treat: Maliba

My boyfriend & I celebrated our three year anniversary (and an early birthday celebration for me) at Maliba Mountain Lodge in Lesotho.

Frog lovers at entrance to Maliba

It was fantastic!

Last year August we had gone to Vic Falls over the time of my birthday with it easily one of the best holidays I have been on and I was worried that Maliba wouldn’t be as good as the photos on their website.

The photos didn’t do it justice, it was stunning and a very memorable few nights away.
It is a different destination to Vic Falls and also different to gorgeous nature lover’s paradise Phophonyane falls eco lodge where we stayed last December but highly recommended.

The accommodation, food, service, layout and personalised touches of Maliba really are five star.

What awaited us in your room when we arrived at Maliba

The staff are all very friendly and were very patient with my numerous questions to find out background information on the construction of Maliba, what it is like to live in Lesotho, the language and proud to share stories about visits from their King.
They didn’t even mind when I tested out the Sotho which I had practiced in the car on them. Rose, Daniel and Adel were very hospitable and keen to share their culture with me. Next time I will definitely go on cultural tour to learn more about the Basotho people.

The trail where we had walked was covered in snow on the last morning

There is a lovely botanical garden at Maliba with information on the plants endemic to the region. I particularly loved the spiral aloes which are only found in Lesotho and are the national flower. 

Spiral aloe

Eksteen’s panorama photograph captured the expanse of Maliba and the chalets. It won Maliba’s photo of the month for August and will be used on their website. Eksteen wrote a more in depth blog post on our stay at Maliba: http://www.thesickleaves.com/a-crown-jewel-in-the-mountain-kingdom