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Last minute weekend escape


The noisy guitarist & I had a last minute weekend away this past weekend to his parents farm near Ermelo. I didn’t make it to the Exclusive Books warehouse sale but the weekend away was a welcome change of scenery and a very relaxing weekend. I have been spending my Saturday mornings looking at cars for the past five weeks, I greatly enjoyed getting out of Jo’burg and not spending my Saturday test driving cars!

Here are some photos from a weekend including a few photos of the two wild cats on the farm. Photo credit to the noisy guitarist for this sunset photo of us while going for an evening walk on Saturday. I also picked up a porcupine quill on the walk, hopefully next time I will see a real porcupine, that would be thrilling!

Spying on the wild cats on the farm:

Spotted a Ginger Ninja cat



Exclusive Books Mega Warehouse sale!


I have just seen that Exclusive Books is having a warehouse sale which is starting this Friday 9th March until Sunday 18th March. I haven’t been to one before but I have heard that there are great bargains to be found at these warehouse sales.

The books are sold per kg with it being R50 per kg. That sounds to be even cheaper than the bi-annual Exclusive Books sale prices!

In January I bought some books from the Exclusive Books sale as I mentioned here so I should be all booked out! I have also run out of book shelf space in my little house but this is very tempting! 

Here is the poster and the link to read more along with a map on the Exclusive Books blog site.

Let me know what you pick up from the sale. 

– Speurder Linda



The start of my recycling my food waste into food for soil


I am very excited, I now have my own Bokashi digester bin!

I am very happy that my food waste will now longer go in the bin but in the Bokashi/Earth Probiotic bin in this way, my dustbin won’t smell as the food rots, I will reduce my impact on the landfills and I will be generating food for the soil to help my vegetable garden grow with these nutrients I will be providing. The liquid that accumulates can also be used to clean out drains which is certainly needed in my little house.

There are many very interesting tips and articles on the Earth Probiotic website: Look on the Earth Probiotic website for stockists.

It seems to be an extremely easy system to use and very compact. I am currently keeping mine in the garage for easy access. 

I have already added some left over mielies, peas, broken up left over roll that had gone hard and a few other items. I was also keen to find out that the food scraps ferment in the Bokashi and don’t rot so there isn’t smelly moldy or rotten smell that will come off. It has only been two days but it smells a little like yeast so far. 

I think this Bokashi system could be very useful for many homes. I was glad to see that hotels and guest houses are now using it too. I am sure it will make a great difference to my life too.

I will update the blog with my progress.

Hope you are all having a super Monday!


– Speurder Linda