Gardening Sunday


I hope everyone has had a good Sunday.

I spent a few hours gardening this afternoon in my small vegetable patch nestled between the rose bushes (no joke!). I planted spring onions, sweet potatoes, red onions and also finally planted the Lemon Verbena I had bought last month. I also harvested a few more potatoes bringing the total number of potatoes harvested from my patch of land to 155!

I am loving spending time in the garden planting the vegetable seedlings I bought. I have been reading up about companion planting as well as how different plants and herbs have an effect upon pest control. Urban gardening does seem to be experiencing a revival.

I will post photos once the tiny vegetable garden has started to take shape.

I can just imagine the noisy guitarist from my bedroom commenting on my ‘farmstress‘ skills. Well I hope it is skills as my basil is dying, I cannot understand it. The leaves are starting to go yellow and it is not growing at all. I cannot understand it.

Here is a photo of my rose succulent I bought and planted in the square pottery container I made last year at my old pottery class. It is growing very well, I am so excited watching it grow! I have made another round terra-cotta pot plant container, I should be able to bring it home tomorrow evening after pottery class.

I recently found out about Michael Pollan, highly recommend reading his books. Genius! His ‘Food Rules’ book is next on my must buy wish list.

I love this quote of his that I found online:

The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway. – Michael Pollan

I came across this recipe on Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Life website for Red Quinoa salad which looks delicious.I hope to try make it myself this week. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians like me.

Red Quinoa salad from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Life

Hold thumbs I will get my car back from repairs on Tuesday! Although I had thought I was going to get it back on Thursday or at least Friday last week. Customer service from Renault Melrose is non existent!

– Speurder Linda


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