Summer searching


Speurder Linda has been searching for this bikini:

This bikini would suit me perfectly!

It is a Seafolly bikini which I had seen in the beach spread in the November edition of the SA Good Housekeeping magazine, I instantly liked it and knew it would look perfect on me. I was determined already then to get the bikini but it did slip further back in my mind as I thought December, summer and times when I would use it was weeks into the future with there being plenty of time to buy it before the holiays.

The magazine listed  Stuttafords as a stockist consequently I thought I could easily pick up the bikini from there in December closer to the time of going away. The South African importer of Seafolly wasn’t has helpful as I would have liked, perhaps she didn’t understand how fixated I was on buying one of their costumes. Finally after a few calls and even more emails to the importer which is located in Cape Town I was able to obtain the product codes for it and a selected list of stockists nearby in Jo’burg. With that information in hand I kick started my hunt for the bikini!

I was very lucky to find it at the first of four shops on the stockist, it was an inconspicuous shop in Rivonia. I actually walked right past it a few times before realising that this must be the shop on my list. I can’t even remember the name of the shop now, I think it is ‘AZ U R’.

I immediately spotted the bikini from the magazine but also tried on eight other bikinis in case I found anything else that fitted better and to be certain that this was this really was the right bikini. Unsurprisingly the Seafolly bikini I had been searching for fitted perfectly, it really did. I loved the colours, the fit is ideal and suits my figure.

Then the catch as there had to be…the gorgeous Seafolly swimming costume was R1300 with a 25% discount which results in it being just under R1000.00.I checked other stockists and even other Seafolly bikinis but the price seems to be similar for all Seafolly bikinis.

It seems so much to spend on a bikini when living in a third world country with extreme poverty, R1000 on an item of clothing really is excessive, many people don’t even receive see that amount per month not to mention that it is a large amount of money in these tough economic times.

R1000 had seemed quite steep for me considering I don’t live at the coast so only use a bikini a few times a year. But considerations for me when buying a bikini are obviously how comfortable it is, since I swim a lot in the sea as well as far out into the water when at the coast it need to be remain on my body and be supportive of my ‘ample assets’ with string bikinis and most bikinis not being sufficiently supportive.

I was hesitant to spend R1000 on a bikini consequently I then searched for other bikinis even trying full costumes. I searched and searched! Unsuccessfully. I couldn’t find a bikini that fitted as well. I tortured myself to try on the Seafolly bikini twice more to be doubly sure that it really did fit me.

By the time of my leaving Jo’burg to go away on holiday I still hadn’t found a bikini that fitted as well for less than R1000.00.

I finally settled for a black one piece from Woolworths for R299.00-despite my strong resolve to boycott Woolworths – but what a disaster it has been with the top part of the costume falling off completely when I swim leaving me exposed or the straps fall off and aren’t adjustable.

I certainly won’t be able to swim into the deep water in the sea with this costume! I can’t even swim in a swimming pool in it. It is a very impractical design. It must’ve been designed for those women who only lie on the beach and never swim or walk around. I can’t imagine being on the beach or at a pool and not swimming.

What a disappointment! 

It seemed like cost does equate to quality as there is far more support and better materials were used in the Seafolly costume compared to the Woolworths one piece.

Now I am regretting not having bought the Seafolly costume. As my one friend said, if it is good enough quality to last a few years and fits well then take it, look after it and save yourself the search next year as well as the following year.

December  has flown by and I am still starring longingly at this costume in the magazine. Just imagine how stunning I would look in it and how it would be perfect for me although I am still feeling in two minds when I stop to snap out of my unrealistic dreamy notions.


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    • Thank you so much Karien! Yes I will try there next time. I ended up buying the bikini, it was 25% off but still expensive. It does fit very well and have had a lot of use from it so far. I’ll keep Banana Moon in mind next summer.
      Good to know the costumes at Banana Moon are from Monaco.

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