Long weekend away treat: Maliba

My boyfriend & I celebrated our three year anniversary (and an early birthday celebration for me) at Maliba Mountain Lodge in Lesotho.

Frog lovers at entrance to Maliba

It was fantastic!

Last year August we had gone to Vic Falls over the time of my birthday with it easily one of the best holidays I have been on and I was worried that Maliba wouldn’t be as good as the photos on their website.

The photos didn’t do it justice, it was stunning and a very memorable few nights away.
It is a different destination to Vic Falls and also different to gorgeous nature lover’s paradise Phophonyane falls eco lodge where we stayed last December but highly recommended.

The accommodation, food, service, layout and personalised touches of Maliba really are five star.

What awaited us in your room when we arrived at Maliba

The staff are all very friendly and were very patient with my numerous questions to find out background information on the construction of Maliba, what it is like to live in Lesotho, the language and proud to share stories about visits from their King.
They didn’t even mind when I tested out the Sotho which I had practiced in the car on them. Rose, Daniel and Adel were very hospitable and keen to share their culture with me. Next time I will definitely go on cultural tour to learn more about the Basotho people.

The trail where we had walked was covered in snow on the last morning

There is a lovely botanical garden at Maliba with information on the plants endemic to the region. I particularly loved the spiral aloes which are only found in Lesotho and are the national flower. 

Spiral aloe

Eksteen’s panorama photograph captured the expanse of Maliba and the chalets. It won Maliba’s photo of the month for August and will be used on their website. Eksteen wrote a more in depth blog post on our stay at Maliba: http://www.thesickleaves.com/a-crown-jewel-in-the-mountain-kingdom


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